Canaan Partners Listed in Top 100 Global VC Firms

January 16th, 2010 by Brian Leave a reply »

Canaan Partners Top 100 VC by Red HerringRed Herring recently released a very interesting list of the top global VC firms for 2009.  I was proud to see Canaan Partners, the VC fund that I intern for, made the list.  Interestingly it looks like they used both a quantitative approach (evaluating returns and other figures) as well as qualitative factors (talking to Limited Partners, VCs, and others).  Regardless, it’s an impressive feat for each firm that made the list.

Red Herring has screened the Global VC 200 finalists from among more than a thousand known and active venture funds across the globe. It has selected the Top 100 and remarkably enough, realized that this group represents almost all of the exits, returns, or liquidity events that have happened since 2003.

We ranked the relative weight and contribution of each of those firms and used a multi-criterion, weight-averaged model. Let me just say that we did not anticipate nor expect the surprises from the information that we unearthed from public, semi-public, and private sources. We would like to thank those firms who shared information and enabled us to make apples-to-apples comparisons by identifying their portfolio companies’ performances.

On a related note, Canaan Partners was also recently ranked by PEhub as one of the top 20 most active VCs for the decade (subscription required), 2000 to 2010.

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